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Let’s not forget any airlines are offering the opportunity to prebook standard meals now

Whilst I can see the impossibility of labelling the special meals with seat numbers surely it would be possible to put the passengers name on the box. I believe that the crew also get a manifest before take off with passenger names (certainly do in business class as often addressed by name) and I am sure some clever computer boffin could come up with a way of adding preorder note.

Charging is ridiculous and sure 100+ special meals is a problem someone needs to apply brain and come up with a sensible solution.

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Yeah I don't agree with charging (it's unfair for people who genuinely need the meal) but something could be said for the travel hacking blogs that suggest ordering a special meal to get your meal first/maybe better quality

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Hi! New follower here and fellow travelers :) We were in Vietnam a few years ago for the first time in Hoi An and fell in love. Also huge Bourdain fans. Best of luck in your travels and look forward to reading about Melbourne. Australia is the last continent we need to visit to get all 7 :)

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