A.I. and travel, the slowest train journey in India, Germany’s unlimited €49-a-month rail pass, and the golden age of jet travel.
Lipe (Thailand) to Langkawi (Malaysia). Shredding your bucket list, not remembering your travels, travel by canal in the UK, and more travel reads.
Surfing in the Solomon Islands, bad bus stories, slow train travel in Japan, and more travel reads.
Ornamental street signs of Thailand, reused abandoned buildings in Paris, reused bones in Rome, the other side of Lombok, and more travel reads.
Where to stay in Hanoi, tubing in Pai, and a cool map of night trains in Europe.
The soul of Kazakhstan, Van Life in Japan, and an Antarctica "travel" blog
Travel Reads: Hiking an ancient Japanese pilgrimage route, about travel lists, and travelling just for the people
Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The one's travelling from Melbourne to Cairns by scooter.
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